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We have been taking care of our patients’ smiles and oral health for nine years now. Patients are like our family, so we treat each of them honestly and thoroughly - as a member of our family. The doctors of the Daira Medica clinic, who are constantly taking part in courses and conferences in Lithuania and abroad, perform all dental procedures professionally and gently. We can offer You many dental services: from functional-aesthetic fillings to dental implant operations and large-scale rehabilitation of the entire occlusion. In recent years, we have paid particular attention to the use of magnification in our practice. It's time to change - from now on, get to know us as the Clinic of Microscopic Dentistry. We are just as thorough and responsible, only seeing deeper and able to work more accurately - the results of our work will delight You for even longer time!

Dental surgical microscope – Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico

It is a top quality microscope adapted for use in dental offices. In our clinic, endodontic treatment and re-treatment is always performed only under control of a microscope: magnification of the image up to 19 times provides an opportunity to treat the most complex cases. Not only because of the magnification, but also because of the extremely good illumination, the dental operating microscope makes it possible to detect tooth cracks or fractures, locate extremely narrow canals, find canal branches, fill existing perforations or roots with unformed apices, remove hard cements and broken instrument fragments. It has already been proven that root canal treatment under microscope, is of much higher quality and guarantees a long lasting success.

Digital dental X-rays – Carestream

We take care of the safety of our patients, so we take X-rays with the help of radiovisiography: a special sensor converts X-rays into a digital image on the monitor. Due to the extremely high sensitivity of the sensor, the dose of X-rays required to take a single digital image is at least ten times lower compared to a conventional X-ray. In addition, the image is immediately visible on the monitor, and thanks to a computer program, it can be processed (enlarged, sharpened, measured) in various ways - thus saving not only the patient's time, but also the doctor's time, facilitating accurate diagnostics.

Ultrasonic scaler - EMS Piesion Master 100

This modern Swiss ultrasonic scaler is used not only for professional oral hygiene, but also for other treatment procedures - root canal treatment, preparation of teeth during prosthetics. The removal of supragingival and subgingival dental calculi with the help of this device has become much more pleasant, because the EMS scaler works much quieter, the movements of the working tip are of very small amplitude, precise, and not chaotic. This results in much less abrasion of tooth surface and only slight sensitivity of teeth after professional oral hygiene.


The AIR-FLOW® method of operation is based on a stream of compressed air, water and fine particles directed directly to the tooth surface. In this way, soft plaque, small calculi and pigment spots are removed from the teeth effectively and without pain. It is estimated that more than 200 million microorganisms are found in 1mg of dental plaque. If favorable conditions are created for such bacteria, they multiply rapidly and form a biofilm - a thick layer of microorganisms, especially resistant to the effects of drugs and the body's immune response. Unbroken biofilm determines the rapid course of periodontitis and periimplantitis. Thanks to the AIR-FLOW® system, the biofilm is broken to a depth of up to 5 mm under gums. Thus, this treatment allows You to keep Your smile not only white, but also healthy. And without any pain!

Electronic apex locator - Morita Root ZX II

For endodontic treatment to be successful, root canals must be prepared mechanically and chemically along their entire length. The length of a root canal is determined with particular precision by an electronic root apex locator. A small metal hook is placed on a patient’s lip, and the second electrode of the device contacts a metal instrument, used to prepare the root canal. As soon as the instrument reaches the very tip of the root and touches bone tissues, apex locator emits an audible signal. By combining the readings of the electronic root apex locator and X-ray images, the length of root canals can be determined very accurately.

Digital photography

In the age of digital technology, photography occupies a very important place in dentistry. Patients are photographed before, during and at the end of treatment to assess the final results. In addition, digital photography makes it easier and more accurate to determine the colors of the teeth being restored, helping to work more smoothly with dental technologists, especially when prosthetic work is done in the aesthetic area of ​​the mouth.

FACEBOWS - KAVO and Artex®

Thanks to facebows, much more accurate dental prosthetics is possible. With their help, the position of patient's jaws is registered, which can be then transferred to the articulator in dental technologist's laboratory. An articulator is a device that simulates the movements of lower jaw: in this way, it is possible to form and model an individual, highly aesthetic and functional prosthesis - a crown, laminate or overlay.

Dental autoclave - Euronda E9

In medical facilities, it is especially important to prevent the spread of infections: every patient who visits, every employee must feel protected from the risk of contracting serious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C viruses or tuberculosis. Our clinic pays special attention to high-quality disinfection and sterilization of instruments, surface preparation and cleanliness of the premises. All instruments are sterilized in a Euronda E9 autoclave, and the quality of sterilization is checked each time with two types of indicators that meet the strict requirements of the Hygiene Center. All information about sterilization processes performed in the clinic is responsibly recorded and stored. 

The protective materials used during each of Your visits (wipes, plastic bags for the X-ray sensor), pumps, syringe needles, gloves are disposable, and disinfection of instruments, cleaning of office equipment and surfaces is performed only with modern materials. So don't be upset if Your doctor is a few minutes late to admit You: most likely there is still surface disinfection in the office going on, so You could feel really safe!


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