5 myths about dental implantation

5 myths about dental implantation

Dental implants are an advanced and reliable way to recreate the lost smile. Patients who have restored their missing teeth with the help of implants, can enjoy a functional occlusion and an aesthetic smile for long years. While we can confidently call this method one of the most important achievements in dentistry, unfortunately, not everyone dares to choose implantation because of the prevailing myths. What are they?

1st myth.  Dental implantation is a long, complicated and painful procedure.

Dental implantation may seem complicated or painful at first glance. In fact, modern dentistry is highly advanced, so there is no reason to fear the procedure. Dental implant is inserted quickly and painlessly - in only 30-40 minutes under local anesthesia. In addition, very sensitive patients may be sedated. It is a medically induced semi-sleepy condition when surgery is performed under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. The patient does not feel any pain or anxiety during such procedure, and when awake he can enjoy a new, flawless smile right away.

2nd myth. Dental implants require additional care.

The appearance and function of dental crowns attached to implants replicates natural teeth. The care is also exactly the same: cleaning twice a day with a toothbrush and dental floss, regular dental check-ups and professional oral hygiene procedures.

3rd myth. Dental implants heal with difficulties. 

Straumann dental implants have extremely high adhesion rates of up to 99%. Special implant manufacturing technology, implant alloy Roxolid and the unique implant surface SLActive help to achieve excellent results. These exclusive properties accelerate the healing process and bone formation, improve the blood supply in bone tissue and reduce inflammation.

4th myth. Implantation is a short-term solution.

Implantation is not the only way to restore teeth, but it is probably the only one that might serve for the lifetime and protect against the negative consequences of tooth loss. Straumann dental implants come with a lifetime warranty, so patients can be assured that the highest quality results will last many decades.

5th  myth. Dental implants cause damage to natural teeth.

When lost teeth are restored by dental implants, there is no need to prepare healthy teeth. Consequently, it is a safe solution to replace missing teeth without causing any damage to the nearby natural teeth.


Straumann dental implants - a chance to enjoy the restored smile for lifetime!


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