Life after dental implantation. What is important to know?

Life after dental implantation. What is important to know?

Dental implants are a long-term investment in a quality life with a smile. Thousands of patients are already convinced of the advantages of teeth restored in this modern way: they have stopped avoiding their image in the mirror or a harder bite of food. The complexes and inconveniences were replaced by the enjoyment of everyday pleasures. But how to take care of artificial teeth on implants so that one day the former nightmare does not happen again?

Taking care of prosthetic teeth on implants

Artificial teeth on implants are almost indistinguishable from natural ones, so their care is no different. True, it should be even more thorough, because plaque on implants tends to accumulate faster than on natural teeth. Particular attention should be paid to the areas near gums and the interdental spaces. Food residues left in the interdental spaces are degraded by oral microorganisms, which causes inflammation and might affect the implant. In addition, it is recommended to use a mouthwash to reduce the build-up of hard plaque around dental implants.

It is also important to keep in mind the regular dental check-ups. In the first year after implantation, the patient should see a dentist about every three months, and then every six months. During these visits, the condition of oral cavity is checked, if necessary, dental x-rays are taken, and the requisite treatment is carried out. Also, professional oral hygiene should be performed twice a year. An oral hygienist will remove accumulated plaque from teeth surfaces and select the right interdental brush sizes for You. Remember that responsible oral hygiene is a prerequisite for Your newly restored teeth to be durable and long-lasting.

Security for life

Not only patients' smiles but also the guarantees provided by Straumann are  talking silently about the reliability of dental implantation: if a dental implant fails (only 3-4% of cases), the company guarantees that the procedure will be repeated and  new implant will cost nothing. You don't even know how many years have passed since your dental implantation? Don’t worry - Straumann dental implants come with an international lifetime warranty, so any problems You encounter at any stage will be resolved. The help of professional doctors is provided in as many as 70 countries of the world, and new dental implants or prosthetic parts will not cost You a penny.

"After restoring Your missing teeth with implants, every day will be enriched with small but most important details: unrestrained laughter, smile and never-ending conversations. Proper following of the dental care recommendations, will allow You to enjoy everyday pleasures, comfort and aesthetics for lifetime."


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