Dental veneers (laminates)

Cracked, worn, broken or otherwise damaged teeth is a problem for many people. Color, shape or arrangement of teeth in dental arch can be adjusted by dental laminates. These are just 0.3-0.5 mm plates made of ceramics. Multilayered light-conducting veneers are permanently fixed on teeth surfaces, thus strengthening teeth and hiding even major aesthetic imperfections. Laminates is a great long-lasting way to improve Your smile.


The procedure is completely safe and conservative, respecting natural tooth tissues. Teeth need only minimal preparation for laminates, so sensitivity or other adverse effects are extremely rare.


Over time, laminates do not change color nor darken, so for at least 10-15 years they serve perfectly and look stunning, exactly like the first day after the procedure.


Laminates transmit light easily and have a very smooth surface, so they meet the highest aesthetic standards and help to create natural, fascinating smile.

Taking care of Your laminates

Cleaning teeth covered with laminates is exactly the same as cleaning Your natural teeth. In order to achieve a long-term result, it is important to take careful care of Your teeth, perform professional oral hygiene regularly and not to miss check-ups at Your dentist. A protective mouthguard at night is always recommended for bruxing patients.

The course of procedure


During the examination, the degree of patient's teeth damage, the number of teeth to be adjusted, and the patient's expectations are clarified. Your dentist performs a smile planning procedure: the most appropriate shape and shade of the future laminates is selected.


Before fixing laminates, tooth surfaces are reduced around 0.5mm. The procedure is really conservative and preserves sound dental tissues. You will not feel any pain because the procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Manufacture of laminates

After tooth preparation, a dental impression is taken, on the basis of which dental technician makes individual ceramic veneers.

Bonding of laminates

Laminates are firmly bonded in the area of front teeth. Noticeable dental defects are quickly, safely and reliably corrected, missing parts of teeth are restored and patient can enjoy an appealing smile. All work takes about 2-4 weeks.

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