Dental prosthetics

In MOK clinic we perform dental prosthetic treatment on implants, as well as producing removable prostheses of various constructions. Due to extreme discomfort, fewer and fewer patients choose removable dentures as a treatment option. Traditional dentures do not adhere stably, compress gingiva and restore only a small percentage of chewing function. We always restore dental arch defects in a modern way - missing teeth are usually replaced by making single crowns or bridges on implants, thus providing maximum comfort to our patients.

We take great care that the aesthetic and functional properties of prosthetic teeth on dental implants are equal to those of natural teeth. When several teeth are restored with artificial crowns, their shape, color and texture is precisely adapted to the adjacent teeth, maintaining the integrity and naturalness of patient’s smile.

Comparison of materials

Metal ceramics

Low price


May cause allergies

Teeth look unnatural

Grey metal edge at the gums


Zirconium ceramics

Wear resistance



Excellent aesthetic properties

Reflects light naturally

Higher price


The course of prosthetics on implants

Dental implant integration

Permanent prostheses are attached, when dental implants are completely healed with jaw bone, that is about 3 months after surgical procedures. During the waiting period, patients are usually with temporary crowns.

Choice of material

Artificial teeth can be made of metal, metal ceramics or zirconium ceramics. Materials differ in their aesthetic properties, durability, price, and so on. You will discuss the best options for You with Your dentist.

Manufacture of prostheses

Dentures are made individually for each patient by a dental technician. Production takes about 10-20 days. Our aim is that artificial crowns not only had impeccable aesthetics, but also corresponded to the anatomical and functional properties of teeth, restored occlusion properly and reproduced the peculiarities of natural teeth.

Prosthetic work

Prosthetics can help restore both - single missing teeth or large toothless areas. Artificial crowns on implants allow our patients to smile widely, chew comfortably and be sure that the prosthesis will not fall out.

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