Cosmetic dental fillings

Aesthetic dental fillings are designed to restore cracked, broken or worn teeth when the lesions are not excessive. The MOK clinic uses certified up-to-date materials and applies advanced cosmetic filling techniques that help to naturally restore the desired shape, transparency and color of teeth. Cosmetic filling procedure allows our dentists to replicate the anatomical structures of teeth, restore their functionality, and create attractive smiles.

Course of the procedure


If you are not satisfied with the aesthetic condition of Your teeth, i.e. color, shape, or position, consult with Your dentist about the possibility of cosmetic filling. Your doctor will assess the damage of Your teeth and tell You if aesthetic fillings is the right choice. Then precise planning is done, the number of teeth to be filled is determined and preparatory work begins.


First of all, professional oral hygiene must be performed and carious teeth should be filled.

Cosmetic filling procedure

Durable and particularly aesthetic filling materials are precisely layered on teeth surfaces, until ideal shape and shade is created. Depending on the initial situation, the whole tooth or only a part of it is filled. Cosmetic filling of one tooth takes about 1 hour.


Aesthetically filled teeth lose their shine over time, so it is necessary to perform professional oral hygiene regularly, during which plaque is removed and teeth surfaces are polished, thus regaining their shine and vitality.

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