When do You need a filling?

We use top-quality clinically approved, extremely strong (reinforced with ceramic particles) and natural-looking filling materials. They help to perfectly restore the anatomy and aesthetics of teeth. Cosmetic bonding procedure is usually performed to eliminate the after-effects of caries. Tooth decay is the most common dental disease that causes cavities. As caries progresses, teeth become sensitive to cold, hot, and sweet stimuli, discomfort and pain are felt, dark spots or cavities are noticed on teeth. If You experience any of these symptoms, You should make a dental appointment as soon as possible to avoid inflammation of the dental nerve and complicated further treatment or unplanned expenses. Doctors remind You that a small damage to the hard tissues of teeth may not cause any symptoms, so it is recommended to visit a dentist twice a year.

Fillings in MOK clinic

  • The use magnification ensures effective dental treatment
  • Healthy dental tissue are preserved
  • Natural-looking anatomical tooth structures are restored
  • The function of chewing and aesthetics is restored
  • The development of oral diseases is arrested

Tooth filling using a dental operating microscope

In our clinic we use microscope or magnifying glasses for most dental procedures. The application of the image-enhancing devices allows us to perform dental treatment minimally invasively with particular accuracy and quality, avoiding errors and repetitive appointments. In addition, highly magnified image and shadowless light significantly improve visibility, resulting in a state-of-the-art diagnosis of dental and gum diseases and halting their spread. With the help of a microscope and magnifying glasses, dental treatment procedures are performed with the most conservative approach, so the results are reliable and long-lasting.

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