For patients from abroad

MOK clinic provides favorable dental treatment conditions for patients from abroad who lack time. Depending on the duration of Your stay in Lithuania, an intensive treatment schedule is arranged in advance, and the initial consultation is provided by telephone. Treatment is based on the following procedure:


Register in a way convenient for You (by phone or online) and we will soon contact You and explain You the essential information. Patients living abroad are immediately provided with a convenient schedule for future visits.

Consultation and treatment plan

We provide an opportunity to consult with our doctors remotely – via Skype / Viber. If a patient can provide us with some important information about his/her dental condition, dental x-rays, etc., a preliminary treatment plan can be prepared, which may be adjusted later during treatment.

Stage I of treatment - surgical procedures and therapeutic dental treatment

Necessary surgical procedures are performed. Depending on the clinical situation, bone augmentation and tooth extractions may be required. Decayed teeth are filled, and root canals are treated or re-treated. The implants are then inserted and, if desired by the patient, a temporary prosthesis is attached.

Stage II of treatment - prosthetics

The last stage of treatment begins after 3-6 months, when dental implants are fully integrated. During this period, dental technicians produce permanent crowns that will be attached to dental implants. Prosthetics usually requires 2-3 visits, with possible departures.

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