Professional oral hygiene

Is professional oral hygiene really necessary?

Professional oral hygiene is a very important preventive approach while dealing with gum diseases. Soft dental plaque, calculi and pigments are removed during this procedure, while the surfaces of teeth are polished. Daily cleaning and flossing of Your teeth help to eliminate only a part of the deposits accumulating in the oral cavity. If professional oral hygiene is not performed regularly, there is an increased risk for gum inflammation, i.e. gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis progresses to a much more serious form of disease - periodontitis. This inflammation negatively affects not only teeth and gums, but also jaw bone. When jaw bone is lost, teeth become mobile and are lost eventually, if the disease is left untreated. Microorganisms found in dental plaque not only contribute to the development of oral diseases, but also adversely affect Your general health, especially cardiovascular system and joints.

The course of the procedure

1 step 
Soft dental plaque and hard calculi are removed using ultrasonic scaler and hand tools.

2 step 
Air-polishing method is used to remove existing stains, all teeth surfaces are polished with special brushes and powder.

3 step 
Patient is recommended appropriate hygiene measures and explained a proper tooth brushing technique.

4 step 
Teeth are checked for decay, periodontal status is assessed and further treatment, if needed, is assigned.

Unpleasant symptoms disappear after this procedure: bleeding and tenderness of gums decreases, swelling subsides. When hard and soft plaque is removed, Your teeth look much whiter, bad breath is gone and forgotten! And most importantly, professional oral hygiene not only helps to prevent gum and jaw inflammation, but also cures dangerous periodontal diseases.

Important information

Before procedure 

Professional oral hygiene is not painful, but if You are particularly sensitive, local anesthesia may be applied prior to procedure.

During procedure  

Talk to your doctor or hygienist about which oral hygiene products are right for you and how to use them properly. Find out how regularly You should have professional oral hygiene performed.

After procedure

Avoid staining foods, take good care of your teeth at home, following advices of our dental team.


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