Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the number-one aesthetic dentistry procedure required by patients who are not satisfied with the color of their smile. Tooth color depends on different factors. Some people are just born with discolored teeth (genetic cause). For others color may change over time because of coloring foods, coffee, black tea or red wine, smoking, and other daily stimuli. In this case, teeth bleaching is a quick and effective procedure. Hydrogen peroxide is used for teeth whitening, the appropriate concentration of which is chosen by a specialist. It should be noted that only the colour of natural teeth changes during teeth bleaching procedure, while fillings and crowns retain their original shade.

1st method. Laser

Laser bleaching procedure may be performed only in dentist's office. Laser enhances the effect of high-concentration whitening gel, so the desired effect is usually achieved in only 30 minutes. This is undoubtedly one of the most effective and safest ways to whiten Your teeth.

2nd method.

LED whitening The procedure is also performed in the dentist's office. The whitening agent is applied on teeth and then activated by LED light. This option is particularly suitable if You are looking for a quick and effective way to improve Your smile.

3rd method.

Bleaching trays Teeth are whitened at home with custom-made trays. The tray is filled with bleaching material and then applied on teeth for the time prescribed by Your dentist. Several procedures are required to achieve the desired effect. Your doctor will tell you more about the peculiarities of at-home bleaching.

Is it safe?

During whitening procedure in dental office, a specialist carefully monitores  the process to ensure an even activation of hydrogen peroxide. In addition, exquisite care is taken to prevent whitening material contact with gums or oral mucosa, which helps to avoid irritation. That makes teeth bleaching a safe and effective procedure with natural, long-lasting results. At-home teeth whitening is also a safe method if dentist’s recommendations are followed. 

After teeth whitening

  • A beautiful, brilliant white smile is achieved!
  • Self-confidence increases and You will smile more!
  • Ideal oral hygiene should be ensured to maintain the superb result of whitening procedure
  • Coloured food products and drinks should be avoided for 48 hours after bleaching
  • Teeth sensitivity may increase regardless of the whitening method used, but it usually subsides in about a day

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