Jurgita Zubaitė - Maliuk

Qualification Dentist

Jurgita Zubaitė - Maliuk


2000-2005 Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine Institute of Odontology, Master’s Degree.

About doctor

Jurgita focuses on complex root canal treatment and retreatment procedures. Big experience working with a dental microscope, allows her to take advantage of all the benefits of magnification: to diagnose cracks and fractures of dental crowns or roots, successfully remove old hard fillings or broken instrument fragments, thoroughly clean and hermetically fill extremely curved or very wide canals. The doctor often takes part at scientific events abroad and in Lithuania.

A member of Lithuanian Dental Chamber

A member of Lithuanian Society of Endodontology


Phone: +370 688 39000

Address: Kalvarijų g. 135, Vilnius, Lietuva

E. mail: info@dairamedica.lt

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