Microscopic treatment of root canals (endodontics)

When infection reaches the pulp of the tooth (nerve and blood vessels inside a tooth), pain of varying intensity and duration begins, and the color of tooth may change. If treatment is not started in time, infection reaches the jaw bone, that may cause gum swelling near the achy tooth or even in the soft tissues of face. In such cases, root canal (endodontic) treatment is required. Specialists of MOK clinic cannot imagine quality endodontic treatment without the use of a high-resolution microscope: magnification of the image up to 19 times provides an opportunity to treat the most complex cases. Not only because of the magnification, but also because of the extremely good illumination, dental microscope makes it possible to detect tooth  cracks or fractures, to locate extremely narrow canals, to find branching of canals and to perform other procedures that require utmost precision. Very often, high-quality root canal treatment allows to eliminate the infection and preserve a natural tooth for many years.

Why root canal treatment is necessary?

Without root canal treatment, the risk of widespread infection, swelling and tooth loss increases. Bacteria outside of the root of a tooth cause periapical diseases, when jaw bone is damaged and eventually lost.


Patient examination

With the help of dental microscope, even the smallest root canals are identified, cracks deeply in the tooth and complications of previous treatments are noticed. Meticulous examination allows accurate diagnosis and prediction of long-term treatment success.

Using dental microscope

Dental microscope, which magnifies the image many times and provides excellent illumination, is used during both examination and treatment. It helps our dentists to carefully assess the condition of root canals and to preserve healthy dental tissues during treatment. High-quality endodontic treatment prevents the re-entry of bacteria into root canal system.

Preparation of root canals

Endodontic treatment is performed under local anesthesia, so no pain is experienced. Root canals are effectively cleaned with modern instruments and properly formed for sealing. Taking X-rays helps to control treatment process.

Filling of root canals

We use up-to-date canal filling materials that perfectly adapt to the anatomy of root canals. Endodontic treatment requires several visits, and the appropriate method of tooth restoration afterwards (filling or artificial crown) will be recommended by Your dentist. High quality endodontic treatment assures that unpleasant sensations or pain disappear, and natural tooth can last for a long time.

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